The Film Score Sound Pack by Multiply Media

Filmmakers spend hours and hours sitting at their computers searching for the perfect song that sometimes never comes. The Film Score Sound Pack enables you to TAKE CONTROL of the dynamics, instrumentation, and length of your film. 

The song with the perfect dynamics, completely flawless length, the ideal instruments, it’s nearly impossible!

How many times have you been on a music license website searching for the perfect song for your film? 

The Film Score Sounds Pack is a Melodic Stem Pack that includes Strings, Synths, Pads, Drones, Drums, Melodic Hits/Transitions, Riffs, Rhythms, Clicks, Risers, etc. Each sample will be in all 12 different keys with over 800 wav files.

Musical Freedom without leaving your video editing software. A simple drag & drop of each audio file.

When we think about legacy and what we want to bring to this wedding filmmaking industry, it is our MUSIC. 

Music means more to us than we can put into words. Certain songs, lyrics, and melodies have literally changed our lives and opened us up to a new understanding of what it means to be alive. We feel most connected to ourselves when playing or creating music. It has the power not only to heal your soul, but to bring so much depth of heart to the surface. Have you ever felt chills from a song or tears well up because something so deep in your soul is moved? Sometimes exact instrumental progressions can stir the deepest parts of our hearts by the composition of chords and melodies. 

Although we are filmmakers, we are musicians at heart and we feel so passionate about creating something that can give storytellers a missing piece. The missing link between a good film and a film that moves your soul. A film that makes you feel everything all over again. 

There are 2 fundamental areas you will be using this pack. The first is using this pack alongside a music licensed song. Adding sounds into the beginning, middle, and outro to an already existing song. The second is composing your own original piece of music FROM SCRATCH!!! WHAT?!? The way this pack is set up, there are endless possibilities for what your mind can create!

Two Fundamental Reasons

Our Why

Who This is For

This sound pack is for the filmmaker and storyteller who want to control their own story and not be limited by licensed music. Whether you’re building a song from scratch or enhancing one you already have, we want to expand your tool box! You don’t need any prior experience in music to use this pack. We’ve created the ultimate mini course to show and teach you how to start building your own music! The beginning stages of music composition. This is for the storyteller who understands how important music is to the flow of a film. Someone who wants to dive deep into MUSIC.


"There is a bridge that has been built for filmmakers, a newly opened door to control over our films. For the first time ever as filmmakers licensed music isn’t the end all - we can truly manipulate music to fit our needs when editing. Whether it’s making a song more punchy and impactful, or adding an opener in the same key, the Film Score sound pack is truly one of the greatest additives to the industry that I’ve seen in a long time.”

“The missing link between a good film and a film that moves your soul. A film that makes you feel everything all over again.”

The Breakdown

Alex Young | The Youngs Photo + Film 

“Music can easily make or break any film. Even with the abundance of songs we have at our fingertips to choose from, it is easy to feel handcuffed by what you’re given to work with. That no longer needs to be a thing. The Film Score Sound Pack is that puzzle piece we have been missing! With the ability to enhance and perfect a song to fit your needs, or even create a song from scratch, the possibilities are seemingly endless. This is truly a revolutionary product that is going to change the game for filmmakers!”

This video will cover the fundamental language and rules of music, including notes, keys, chords, and the Nashville number system. After this lesson you will have a better understanding of how all music works together. 

This video will be showing you how to best use this pack alongside a music licensed song. Adding sounds into the beginning, middle, and outro to an already existing song. 

This video will cover the best ways to create your own song from nothing. We will give 3 different examples that will hopefully spark your creativity. The way this pack is set up, there are gonna be endless possibilities for what your mind can create!

We desire to equip you with all the knowledge you need to be successful using this sound pack. INSIDE OUR MIni course you will receive three free modules:

With the purchase of this sound pack we are giving you a 3 part video course for COMPLETELY FREE!

Almost all music license websites (Musicbed, Artlist, Epidemic Sound) have the ‘key’ listed under the song. If by chance the site does not share the key note, there are plenty of apps that will find the root key of a song for you. My favorite & most reliable app is “Auto-Key | Music Key Detection.” Once you know the ‘key’ to your music licensed song you can then match any sample you find in the sound pack to the music licensed song. Happy creating! 

How do you use this sound pack with any licensed music songs? 

Not at all! The pack was specifically designed for anyone, even people with no music background to use it effectively with as much ease as possible. The 3 part mini course goes over everything you need to know and how to be successful using this sound pack. It will go over basic music theory, the Nashville Number System, how chords work together, and what keys & notes in relation to each other. In addition to teaching how to use the pack with music license websites I will also show you how to compose your own original music from scratch using the wav sounds.

I’m not a musician. Do I have to understand music theory to use this pack? 


WAV or MP3?

This pack will require 5.1gbs of storage and has over 800 wav files included! 

How big is the pack?

Yes, each sample is in all 12 keys!!!  

Does it cover all keys?

Yes, these audio files are a simple drag and drop into any video editing software you’re using. There’s no need to use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Will this pack be compatible with all video editing software? 

Yes! There are tons of drum samples. When you start getting into BPM (beats per minute), it can get a little tricky making everything cohesive. We decided to pick the 2 most popular BPMs in western music and make plenty of samples in that time signature. 90 & 120 BPM! All the samples are either 8 or 16 bars designed to loop perfectly. We also included a “One Shot” section for timpant, tom rolls, and lots of different hits. 

Does the sound Pack have drums? 

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